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    Standard Gilden Kriege

    Halo alles,

    Sorry I must speak or more exactly write in English.

    Well, we have, beta link to Gronenland in Berserker Frankreich.

    Well, I follow sometimes news and "testen" in this forum, I may not have all informations about all modifications previewed.

    Well, I ask to Playzo Support if they have done something for Kriege System.

    Where is the interest to begin war and to have several expulsions from the other clan ? When a rule about this will be planned ? Why so long time for a war (3 months) ? Where is the interest to win a war ?

    When Competences will make gain xp ? It is a way to make a fear game with the limitation about Ringe-Amulette.

    Well, when there will be rules about exclusions and invitation during wars ? May be it is on work or it is already there ? I would be pleased to have and answer from Playzo Support and developpers.

    Oh, by the way, in Berserker Frankreich, we have the pleasure to have melting fight historic. Fights from the day before are first in the menu, and the new ones are in the middle, and this without any sense.

    Thanks for your attention and good game.


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    On Berserker Frankreich, the link says : "Help us to make better the game".

    Well, why not make a limitation for attacks per day during war and classic arena ?

    A warrior can be attacked at least => 4*24 = 96 times for a day.

    Why not make a limitation for attacks equivalent to the fights allowed for the player ?

    For example, a lvl 15 who have no Arena Competence could be attacked only 20 times for a day.

    Of course, this will be in complement to exclusions/invitations new rules.

    And further, at maximum a player can be attacked by a same another player to the half of his daily's fights number.
    For example, the lvl 15 can be attacked only 10 times by a same player and with the limitation overall to 20 attacks.


    lol poor pushers ^^

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    What is this rule to forbid attack from a 20 players clan to a clan with 10 members ?

    That should be modified.

    Do you think that players in huge clans do not deserve to attack others clans !

    More a clan is huge in members is not saying he is stronger than clan with menus players. It is illogic.

    You should allow attacks like this, more players could find perspectives in wars aims.


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    Zitat Zitat von Thorfinlepourfendeur Beitrag anzeigen

    On Berserker Frankreich, the link says : "Help us to make better the game".
    In actual Gronenland you have modified this, you allow only one window for the Forum Gronenland.
    It is a bad idea and a bad navigation.
    It is much better to be able to open several windows Forum, it is necessary and cumfortable sometimes.

    Thanks for noting this.

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    Eingeweihter Ausweider Supermantana befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast
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    It seems, that the looki-members cant read english, that is a little bit of a pitty.
    An answer to people who play the game, without knowing German, would be nice.

    Ich weiß forensprache ist Deutsch, aber wie gesagt, was machen Gamer, die kein Deutsch können?
    Braucht mich also nicht sperren.
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    Hello Supermantana,

    Thanks for reading and for trying to suggest interventions.
    After all there are common points between .de et .fr

    In a way, some or the whole subjects I spoke here was already treated or discussed here on this Forum, as a player said to me last time in private message on the chat Gronenland.

    Another player confirm me that rules, by comparing to Berserker, are the same on the two servors.

    I hope that Kriege will have some renew.
    It is sad and boring to engage (even it is more interesting by choosing) and to be engaged in wars.
    But, hopeless I think, combativity can not be decided. And trainers are not courageous. I talk about my french game.

    By my side, I have the habit by the poor participation and answering on Forum Topics about main subjects in France. On Gronenland you have much more participations !

    Have a good game Berserkir !!


    Actual Berserker Fr :
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