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Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse (engl.) - Spezial PC

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It was nearly six years ago, when the adventure game Broken Sword: Angel of Death had been released. But the last two games sadly couldn’t reach the success of the first two ones. The 3D graphics, the direct control and the story couldn’t completely satisfy the big fanbase. After Gamescom 2012, the studio finally announced Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, which will be independently developed and published with the help of Kickstarter. Old friends and the 2D charm will make a return. We got the pleasure to meet Game Designer and co-founder of Revolution Software, Charles Cecil at Gamescom and talked about the project.

Looki.de: Charles, you just showed me the trailer. What’s the current status of the latest Broken Sword game and what are your exact plans for the Kickstarter campaign?

Charles Cecil: It was great to do the Kickstarter campaign. We had George and Nico almost finished and it’s very easy to get almost finished and to put off that very final thing. What we now have is almost all of the character models, so we can animate them. We have most of the animations finished for the first half of the game. We documented the first half of the game and are now going to the second half. We are very, very progressed. The only thing that is amazing is how this stayed secret. I am absolutely useless at not telling people.

Looki.de: Well, last year at the European Game Awards, you asked me not to tell anyone.

Cecil: That’s very kind of you.
Looki.de: Yes and it was really hard since I saw lots of feedback on your Facebook site, especially from German adventure game lovers, who look forward to the next episode of Broken Sword.

Cecil: The last year, two of our games had five million downloads. A lot of these were free, because they were a part of a promotion. What’s great is that the series had been pretty much new invented, particularly on tablet. We just released the Android version and it currently got 4.5 out of 5 in reviews. We are lucky that the point&click has translated so well to slide and tap.

Looki.de: Apart from the old 2D charm and the return of our beloved characters, what can fans expect from the new game?

Cecil: It will be absolutely about the old charm. When we worked on Broken Sword one, we ran in no pressure whatsoever. We worked with Virgin and they wanted the game to be right. We took our time, we iterated on the story, we just got everything right.

You can always come up with a solution, but sometimes a solution can come up with fundamental flaws, flaws no one notices. They are just like a bubble and you push it away. Then the bubbles grow and at the end, there is no way to hide. Then you have this whole vacuous bubble and it ruins the ending. The only way to get a real solid ending is to make sure people work really hard. We’ve had the time to do that. Because we didn’t have to reach something hasted, we haven’t had to justify the story to our publishers for instance. I am very confident that this will return.

In Broken Sword three and four, we did well in many parts and I am very proud, but they were written under very difficult circumstances: underfunded, deadline too tight…What happens is that publishers often procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate… so you say it’s going to take 80 months, then they wait 3 months and say “Ok, go, but it takes 50 months” and you answer “We have to do it in 80 months”. So over the years, they go up, which is good, but it takes money until you are finished. Then they ask you for a particular day to be finished, but that suddenly was 6 months ago.
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