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Alien: Isolation - Interview (english version) - Spezial PC

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Looki.de: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Court: Hi – I’m Jonathan Court, I am the senior producer on Alien: Isolation.

Looki.de: We know Creative Assembly for the famous Total War strategy game series and you just suddenly announced Alien: Isolation as a survival horror game. How does that fit together?

Court: Creative Assembly is best known for the Total War series, but actually we have a long history of producing other titles – before Total War we made sports games! The studio is focused upon quality and authenticity, so there is a lot of overlap across CA.

Looki.de: In your point of view - what makes a good survival horror game and how do you achieve such elements in Alien: Isolation?
Court: A survival horror is about immersing the player in the experience. This is challenging as it relies on a lot of separate elements coming together to deliver, and until those element have all come together in the scene it is very very difficult to gauge how good a scene or mission section is going to be. This includes the gameplay, but also includes the lighting, the VFX, the audio, the music.

Looki.de: Please give us a brief overview about the game’s story.

Court: Fifteen years after the Nostromo goes missing you play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripleys daughter. When the black box from the Nostromo is discovered she is given the opportunity to go and find out what happened to her mother. This takes her to the Sevastopol, a space station in the process of being decommissioned. When they arrive there they find a station in chaos with all of the habitants fighting for survival from an unknown threat...

Looki.de: How does the plot unfold and how do you narrate the story? Speaking of cinematic sequences, audio logs, radio transmission and direct face-to-face dialogue - do you use a variation or is there a certain emphasis?

Everyone in the Alien universe needs this motion tracker in order to survive.

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